Sunday, January 10, 2010

Negative Temperatures!

I have experienced the coldest temperatures in my life (literally) over the last week.  Temperatures here in Kansas set records in some places.  I went to work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings with temperatures in the negatives.  Over the last few days, the negative temperatures were with AND WITHOUT the wind chill.  At least while growing up in New Mexico, when the roads were too icy or we had snow that endangered travel to work (i.e. school), there were some benefits...but not here!  My thought is, if it's this should come with beauty (snow) and a two-hour delay or a day off of work! LOL

Needless to say, it's been bearable being that I am only out in the elements going between house, car, and work and in reverse order.  I hope to say that we have experienced the coldest weather of the winter season but I am not sure that will hold true.  The sun can definitely be deceiving.  It's beaming in my room at work, being that my classroom is located on the 4th floor but do not get your hopes is still cold out there!  In fact, this morning when I woke up, the sun was shining beautifully but it was 10 degrees and felt like -3!  Hoping you are staying warm wherever you are.

This is a photo from my classroom, when we had a good snow in December.  On this day it wasn't nearly as cold as it's been here in the last week, without the snow.


  1.'s time you moved back to Texas!

  2. Send snow! Looks wonderful - I wish it were right outside my house :-)

  3. omg in some places here in texas where i live i still got snowwwwwww from christmas

  4. Yeah, its been cold here in Salisbury too. Just not that cold! We didn't have power at Before School Care this morning and the school didn't either but it come back soon after the bus picked the children up.