Saturday, March 6, 2010

I love my team!

Who would have thought, over 11 years ago, that I would have a team of almost 100 Consultants?!  I joined Close To My Heart because of my love for the products and what I could create with them.  Since then, I have developed meaningful and long-term friends with women I would have not otherwise known had it not been for CTMH.  I'm lucky enouhg to connect with them at least once a year at our team retreat or CTMH events.

Members of my first downline who joined me at the retreat.

This is s a photo of the Consultants who were at the retreat. 
Most are members of my team with a few off-team, Consultant friends!  :0)

All 34 team retreat attendees!  We had a FABULOUS TIME! 

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