Saturday, May 1, 2010

Go Lakers!

I have always been a fan of the Lakers, although I usually meet several people (and have friends) who despise them.  But that's ok...I can talk trash with the best of them! 

Last night my husband took me to Game 6 of the NBA Playoff Games - Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder!  It was an exciting game and a great environment to be in especially since the Lakers closed the series with a last-second tip-in by Gasol, winning 95-94.  I was surrounded by Thunder fans but still cheered the Lakers on!  They will begin the next round of the playoffs tomorrow against the Utah Jazz!

Warming up before the game

Introducing...Kobe Bryant!  WOOHOO!

And Gasol...  YEAH!

Warming up before the second half.

The 3-point shot attempt by the Thunder, at the end of the game, for the win!  It came close but didn't go in!  GOOOOO LAKERS!

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