Saturday, July 17, 2010

Top 4 Reasons I Love Being a Close To My Heart Director...

I was thrilled to celebrate achieving the title as Close To My Heart Director in May of 2008.  I have enjoyed all the benefits that come along with the title and plan to maintain this status and enjoy the rewards to come!

While receiving a birthday card and Christmas card and gift from the corporate staff each year, we are also treated like royalty at corporate events.  Here are the Top 4 benefits I enjoyed while attending our National Convention in Washington, D.C., July 8-11, 2010.

We were treated to a yummy 3-course dinner aboard the Odyssey and received a brand new stamp set and this cute, hand-made card.

Directors have draped chairs reserved for them at corporate events.

ME and my upline, Jody Peck, in the Director's chairs with our beautiful new bags (scarf and crown pin exclusive to Directors).

We were whisked away for an evening aboard The Odyssey.  We saw the beautiful sites of our Nation's Capitol, even at dusk and nightfall.  We enjoyed a lavish, 3-course meal

Consultant friends Stacy Park, Teri Baxter, Janene Wawro, ME, Cindy Denning and Carol Harris.

The Odyssey.

And the #1 reason I love being a Close To My Heart Director...

I was able to share this experience with my Consultant friends and team members!

My dear friend Cindy Denning and I.

My team member, Joy McHargue, and I sitting in Director's Row.


  1. You look like you had a wonderful time. So glad you earned the trip. Love all the pics!

  2. Thanks, Euvah! I did have a fabulous time! I'm glad you stopped by! :0)