Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not for the squeamish!

If you are frightened, even of photos, of reptiles you might want to skip this post's just a baby... :0) However, the story might make you squirm!

A couple of weeks ago, I was working on some things in my scraproom.  I needed to go get something from my purse, which was on the floor in another room, and when I leaned over to get something from it I realized something was moving in the living room!  I looked over to see what it was, knowing but not wanting to accept it, and hoping it was a lizzard... 

It was no lizzard!  It was this baby snake, although quite long in length.  The pattern on it is pretty distinct but I refuse to determine what species it is.  Initially I was not sure what to do with it - I have never killed a snake before - and finally got the broom and took a few stabs at it.  It weakened a bit and I slid it onto this dustpan. was not dead! 

At some point it ended up lifting it's front portion upright and hissed at me!  I ended up calling the office, Corey was not home and I did not know what to do with it now (lol), and they sent over a couple of maintenance guys to help me.  Of course they were extremely disappointed when they arrived and teased me a bit.  I told them typically I am not afraid of snakes but I typically do not expect them to be in my house either!  They put the snake in an empty plastic bottle and carried him away for keeping.  I hope he does not get loose and show up here again! 

By the way, I had moved some boxes in from the storage area outside our place to reorganize some things.  We have suspicion it may have taken cover in there in an attempt to keep cool and I brought him in with the boxes.  At least that sounds like a great explanation rather than thinking there are more in here! LOL  We live right above a cliff so getting critters is not too surprising.  That day was definitely an adventure!


  1. You are braver that I would be, I hate snakes, lizards and even frogs. I would probably still be standing on my couch screaming for help.

  2. Kay, I must admit that I was quite shaken, even with this little snake. My heart was racing even long after he was gone. :0)

  3. Sorry, I would just die on the spot. I have no tolerance for those creatures or anything that slithers for that matter.