Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 NBA Playoffs

I posted a little over a week ago about my hubby and I going to see the Lakers vs. Mavs series...although it didn't end up being much of a series.  LOL  The Lakers went down in four games - that was unheard of before this

I had to face a little scrutiny from my hubby and friends for them being non-competitive but I enjoyed the playoff atmosphere all the same.
My hubby had to rub the "sweep" in!
The first night, game 3, we were joined by our friends Jason and Lisa.  (The second night, although we didn't take pictures then, we were joined by Xellina and Daniel.)  Both nights we were in great company and had a fabulous time!
Now it's down to the semi-finals with the Mavs vs. Thunder and Heat vs. Bulls.  I am hoping the Mavs make it to the finals.  It will create a fun atmosphere in Dallas!

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