Friday, June 24, 2011

A fabulous time in New Mexico

My hubby and I ended up driving to my hometown to celebrate Father's Day, our anniversary, and my Dad's birthday with my family.  We had a fabulous time with family and friends.  It was awesome!

We surprised my dad.  He had no idea we were going.  We started off the Father's Day celebration having breakfast with my parents, joining my grandparents for lunch, and then topping off the day with some delicious fajitas!

During the day we took some time to pick and clean up the apricots that had fallen from the tree.  It was a windy day and so they kept falling off the tree and hitting us!  Us "girls" took a moment for a pose.
Me, my Sister, my Niece and my Mom
While getting comfortable and preparing dinner, my Niece decided she needed a picture of us so this is what she took.  She's too funny!
I was thrilled to spend Father's Day with my Dad.

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