Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1997 NM - State Cheerleading Champs

So one of my other passions (although a little outgrown from it) is cheerleading.  It was ingrained from me at an early age as my dad was a high school basketball coach.  There my sister and I were...on the sidelines...cheering the team onto victory.  Of course, my Mom had a play in this in that she made us the most adorable, and homemade cheerleading outfits and we were well-accepted by the high school cheerleaders.  We were always "one of the girls". 

I have fond memories from those days and have experienced many great things throughout my cheerleading career.  I cheered in middle school, high school and college, worked on summer camp staffs, and have coached numerous squads over the years.  All have been rewarding experiences (ok...not all have been) but most have been very enjoyable.

I have had this photo since 1997 and have put it in frames and such but have never taken the time to scrapbook it.  Two weekends ago I did just that!  I didn't want to take away from the photo so I used a little bit of Pemberley B&T - bottom strip - a border from the Pemberley Stickease, some of our new Sparkles, a paper flower and a Bigger Brad.  Of course, I feel that the Felt Alphabet letters made the right impression with a stark and bold title. 

This photo was taken at the State Cheerleading Championships at The Pit in Albuquerque, NM.  My squad (I was the head coach) took 1st place in AAA and it was a huge accomplishment for me, my staff and the girls.  It was a blessed time and I can almost remember the exact emotions that took place when we heard them call out our squad name.

My alma mater has had a rich tradition in cheerleading over the years and it is an honor to have become part of that legacy as a Head Coach.  (I was also a State Champion in cheerleading as a cheerleader my Senior Year and as an Assistant Coach three other times.)

Thanks for introducing cheerleading into my life, Mom and Dad.  It placed some valuable experiences in my life that I will never ever forget.



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  2. goosebumps! Yep got them from your blog :) Maybe because Katarina cheered until she was a freshmen and we were always driving her to all her competitions. I was sad when she stopped but completely understood why. I hope one day she looks back and thinks the same of me! I now drive her to her mini farm of cattle lol! Gotta love FFA :)
    love you!!