Thursday, March 29, 2012

Altered & organized!

In just a few days our new Close To My Heart letters will be sent to those in our customer database.  It is beautiful, professional-looking and full of useful information.

I have been pondering a way to manage my customer contacts so that I can not only add new customers to necessary databases but also have them accessible for quick access.  I have debated numerous options and then remembered... DUH!  I bought an alterable wooden "rolodex" a couple of months ago so why don't I use that?  And I did...  So it went from this...
 to...(drum roll)...THIS!  
Isn't it much prettier?  I should hope so!
I painted everything but the underside with white acrylic paint and used our lovely and discontinued Sophia paper to decorate it.

I alternated the tabs between cardstock colors: Pear, Hollyhock, Blush and Honey - all paper that coordinate with the Lucy paper packet.  Then I used our exclusive Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge to create the scalloped tabs and some retired letter stickers from non-other than CTMH!
I am absolutely proud with how it came out and will look forward to adding new contacts as I seek opportunities to receive them. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Still lovin' Sophia,


  1. SO adorable! You did a great JOB so fun!!

    I have one too I use to put business cards in :) I hate keeping them in my wallet! I love how all our papers go together looks fabulous!

  2. Ohhhh I love it!! Very cute and GREAT idea!!

  3. not stinkin'cute, but freakin' amazing!!!!

  4. Thanks, girls! Joy...really?! That makes me smile! I was proud of it! I considered adding some ribbon to it because I've seen those that have it and look CUTE but I felt it would make things a little "messy" so I didn't go there. I wanted it organized and to be something that I'll use.