Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life is Beautiful!

Some time back I posted some photos of my horse-riding experience.  I was blessed to share in this opportunity with my hubby who had me cracking up while sitting on a horse!  It was hilarious!   I have always wanted to ride a horse but just hadn't been given the opportunity.  That day was the day!
I used these layouts from Mayberry (a retired but CUTE paper pack) to commemorate this event which I can now check off my bucket list.

I did have another "pose" of my hubby that I didn't want to not include, but also didn't have room for, so I used a Flip Flap under the left photo.  It allowed me to include a photo under that photo without having to create another page.

If you aren't sure what a Flip Flap is, just ask! You'll absolutely love them once you've tried them!  You can see how they become interactive as shown below.

Life IS Beautiful!

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