Saturday, March 1, 2014

For Always is Still a Hit!

Who said you cannot take pictures of someone else's secret sister gifts?!  :)  My Mom's secret sister, Nancy Van Nice, is totally creative and gave my mom these fabulous creations.  I just could not resist taking a picture and sharing them with you.  The For Always retired paper packet is a popular one but now retired.
There is nothing complex about this card but isn't it absolutely perfect?  The little touches make a huge impact on the overall card. 
She took a wooden frame and altered it as you see here.  (You can sometimes get these frames for as little as $1 but doesn't it look like it's worth millions?!)  Totally perfect!
And lastly, this cute sticky note holder is just one of the other coordinating items contained with my mom's final gift.  

Nancy did a great job with these gifts and I totally appreciate the ability to create something that nobody else will have but that did not cost a fortune.  It is the thought that counts, right?!  This is what brought me to Close To My Heart approximately 18 years ago and what keeps me inspired and loving the creativity to this day!

Hoping you've been inspired,

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  1. Nancy made some really nice gifts! That is one paper pack I wish we still had. :)