Sunday, June 15, 2014


So everyone might say they have the best dad in the world but there is only one person who I would accept such a comment from and that is my sister.  :)  I truly do have the best dad in the world for many reasons.  I love that I share interests and similiarites with both of my parents.
With my dad as a former Educator, we spent time with him during the summer months.  He taught me how to play catch, shoot a basketball, play volleyball, etc.  I watched him work in his garage on various projects and clean his vehicles.  He also supported my dream to be a cheerleader even though I know he would have loved for me to have played traditional sports throughout my high school career.  
He is always there for a quick call and is one of the funniest guys I know.  Many people do not know that about him because he tends to be pretty quiet (just like me - LOL).  I am thankful I have him to bounce ideas or challenges off of regarding my current profession.  It is nice to have him share his thoughts or suggestions based upon him serving as a teacher for 29 years. 

Today and always I honor this man.  He is the best father anyone could ever ask for and I am glad that I call him "Dad".    

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