Thursday, July 10, 2014

44 Years and Counting...

My parents are celebrating 44 years of marriage today!  What a great milestone to celebrate and to take the time to recognize.
I am blessed to have them as parents.  They have modeled what a marriage is supposed to consist of - love, support, encouragement, and there through the good and not-so-fun times.  They provided a life for us that was full of love and rich in experiences.  One of the many fond memories I have is them saving up, during the year, to take us on a family vacation over the summer.  Despite living in a small town, we were able to see new things while having a ton of fun.  
They have continued to remain supportive of my sister and I over the years and even as an adult, I have been able to share many treasured memories with them.
Honoring my parents on their special day...

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