Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy BirTday, Sister! (Mispelled intentionally - lol)

Today is my sister's birthday.  We won't talk about how old she is.  :)
I could not decide which of these girls represents me...  I should be the taller one because I am older but I am the shorter one so...  Eh, you decide!  LOL

We always wanted a brother... Oops!  So I digress.  LOL

Stephanie and I have shared in many fun times over the years and some of those fun times will remain unspoken. ('Til death do us part, right?  That saying applies to sisters too and not just married persons. LOL) 
We have shared in laughter and tears and sometimes a few fights (but just a few and nobody was hurt; don't worry).  She always pestered me although she would tell the story different. hee/hee  I remember when we had our own bedrooms and still insisted we sleep in at least the same room, if not the same bed, even as we were older.  We had to be in the same room to share in the silliness, especially when we would not go to sleep and would get in trouble.  It was always Stephanie's fault.   
Now we are both grown and she is a mother to my darling niece.  While the time has passed quickly, I am thankful that I can rest on the memories I have of our times together.  
Today and always...I love you!  Happy birthday, Sister!

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