Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blessed to See Another Year!

I celebrated another birthday on Friday, by the grace of God.  These days we are usually in an in-service on my birthday (not so much fun) but at least it fell on a Friday and I was able to celebrate all weekend!  Actually, my celebrating started on Thursday evening when my parents took me out to dinner. Then, my husband and I spent the weekend in Santa Fe.  I LOVE THAT PLACE!  
It had been years since I had been back to Santa Fe but have been several times since living back in NM these last two years.  I LOVE the downtown plaza and enjoy seeing all the tourists checking out the NM artwork, shops and cuisine.  We have fallen in love with "The Shed", where the photo above was taken.  The food is delicious and we highly recommend it!
No better way to start off Saturday morning than with STARBUCKS!  
Another one of our favorite restaurants is "Thunderbird".  It has a balcony where we enjoy overlooking the plaza and all the activities taking place.  If you have never been to Santa Fe, or it has been a long time since you have been there, well...worth...the...visit!  I know you will love it too if you enjoy seeing and experiencing new things and a different culture.  

I am blessed beyond measure!  Happy Sunday!

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