Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to my family, friends, customers and those who follow my blog, on this beautiful Thursday morning!  I am so thankful to wake up to see another day on this earth.  I pray that wherever you are, you are most importantly, thankful to be alive.

I am thankful for many things in my life.  I am thankful to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; for His grace and mercy.  He has blessed me with so much over my life and continues to reveal himself on a daily basis.  It is amazing the peace and comfort I experience knowing He is in control, when I allow Him to have that control.  (Sometimes that is the tough part.)

I am also thankful for:

  • A husband who loves the Lord as much as I do and who keeps me laughing and enjoying life.
  • Parents who raised me in a loving home environment, raised me to become the woman I am today, and continue to cheer me on and support me and my hubby as we move through life.
  • A sister who shares many great memories with me and who brought my awesome niece into this world.
  • Family-in-loves who love me for me and are a blast to be around.
  • Team members, through Close To My Heart, who have become my dearest friends and all the blessings I have experienced by being a part of the company for over 16 years!
  • The many people I have met throughout my life who I continue to stay in contact with, who I think about and pray for on a regular basis.
  • Who I am...I am thankful for health, intelligence, the gifts/skills God has given me and so much more!
I pray today for everyone across this country who are as blessed as I am and for those who experience various challenges...stay prayed up and know the storm will soon be over.  Trust God.

I am mindful to thank God daily for my many blessings daily, not just today, but today was a great day to post about it. :)  Wishing you health and happiness today and always.

God bless you!

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