Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Let Me Be Santa's Helper!

How would you like to receive what you want under your Christmas tree this year?  While I am totally appreciative of any and all gifts, it is especially fun to get exactly what you want, isn't it?  If you are like me, you have people who will ask what you want/need for Christmas.  So you don't have to keep repeating yourself, or so you have more time to process it, let me be Santa's Helper this year.  Tell me what you want, tell me who you want me to share your wish list with and I will work with them to get the items ordered and delivered before Christmas arrives.  It is best I receive the form by December 5th to be sure the order gets submitted so it can arrive on time.

There are just two simple steps to complete this process - as noted below - and you are always welcome to contact me with any questions you may have.  If you participate in this customer service offer, you will receive a fun "gift" from me in January as a small token of my appreciation.

Follow these steps to complete the process and ensure I receive all the information needed to make this a success for you!
  1. Download the document by following this link: "Santa Helper".  Complete it by a) editing it on your computer (it is a Word document), re-saving it and emailing it to me ( OR b) Print it, complete it and either scan and email back to me or take a quality photo and email or text it to me.  The sooner you get it to me the quicker I can get things moving.  (You can also email me if you prefer that method to obtain the form.)
  2. Then, complete this short Santa's Helper Information Survey, providing me the information for contacting your friends/loved ones who you want to receive this information.
Once I receive both, I will proceed with contacting the persons mentioned.  (If you want to add people to the list - I have allowed room for five - please just complete the survey again or email me the additional contact pieces.)

Thank you in advance for considering this special offer.  Have a blessed holiday season!

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