Saturday, January 10, 2015

ESPN College Gameday in North Texas!

So...I am almost as addicted to football as my husband is.  (It's his fault.  LOL)  Even if he is not home when there are games on, our tv is tuned in.  I LOVE football and don't like the non-football part of the year so I try and soak it all in when it is in season.

College Gameday has been in Dallas/Fort Worth all week in anticipation of the National College Championship, between Oregon and Ohio State (I have yet to decide who I am cheering for but I am thinking Oregon...), that will be held on Monday night at AT&T Stadium (aka "Jerry's World).  My hubby and I finally took some time on Friday to go check out the sights and scenes.
This is us in Del Friscos' Grille - right across from the various sets.
Here is a view of the outside set, from directly behind it.
This is an angle view from where I was standing when I was on the broadcast, in the background, as shown in the next photo (below).
My parents saw me several times on tv during the the broadcast.  Too fun!  A little tv fame... :)
I knew they would zoom in on Jesse Palmer.  LOL
This was another outside set and I got shown on tv several times during this segment.
As we sat, part of the time inside - because it was COLD - we saw quite a few of the ESPN commentators.  Corey knew all the commentators - male and female - by name as we came across them.  He had several conversations with several of them which was pretty cool.  People who were around had no idea who they were so that made for a relaxing atmosphere (for them, I'm sure).

Here I am taking a photo with Lee Corso.  Kirk Herbstreit had just come down the stairs prior but they were on a mission to get somewhere so I was not able to stop him.
And...Tebow... :)  He was getting ready to get on set for the next segment so rather than asking him for a picture with him, I just asked if I could take his picture.  He turned and posed for me - and me alone, I'll have you know (LOL).  Fabulous photo, right?!  I would have given anything to be in a photo with him but I'll take this.  I was very close to him and had to take a few steps back to get a full body picture (of course ha/ha).  Cracking myself up!
This is Darren Woodson, a retired Safety with the Dallas Cowboys who retired in 2004.  I just asked him to take a photo of him and he started walking to me.  I said, "Oh!  You'll take one with me?!"  He said, "Of course!"  YAY!
It was in the low 30s all day but we had a BLAST!  It was just a nice and enjoyable outing with my hubby and I got some great photo opps!  Woohoo!

I can't leave without saying...

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