Monday, April 17, 2017

DATE CHANGE: Capture Your Memories in Minutes (Workshop May 3, 2017) - Just $9!

I am hosting a workshop in Mansfield, TX on Wednesday, May 3rd, at 6 pm and I would love to join me. For just $9 you can make one 12" x 12" layout and four pocket pages of either theme shown below. They are perfect for a "Beginner" or seasoned scrapbooker who can appreciate the ability to create beautiful pages in a short amount of time.

To attend this class, be sure to pay the class fee by April 24, 2017 at 12 noon. You can make payment through PayPal - PayPal.Me/mlisrobinson/9 - and I will add you to the list! (Contact me if you have any questions.)

Details regarding this event are posted on Meetup. You can view them without having to be a member, although membership is FREE.

Forever & Always Kit:
12" x 12" Layouts
First page (horizontal photo) with pocket page (horizontal photos)
Middle pocket pages (horizontal and vertical photos)
Pocket page (vertical photos) with last page (vertical photos)
Little One Kit:
12" x 12" Layouts (vertical photos)
First page (vertical photo) with pocket page (vertical photos)\
Middle pocket pages (vertical and horizontal photos)
Pocket page (horizontal photos) and last page (vertical photos)

Don't pass up this great workshop price! Have a wonderful evening!

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