Monday, September 11, 2017

Remembering 9/11

I still remember where I was the moment a colleague came into my classroom and told me to turn my tv to CNN as we saw a fiery hole in one of the Twin Towers. At first, we thought it was an unfortunate accident until...a plane hit the second tower. Fear and confusion were my first reactions until more was known and then, reality set in. The loss of many lives would soon be known and our country would be changed forever.
I had the recent pleasure of viewing the beautiful New York City skyline which now holds the Memorial Tower in honor of all those whose lives were lost that day. While I didn't know any of them, I still mourn them and all they experienced that day - whether emergency personnel or innocent individuals.

I pray for the family members who live their lives without their loved ones; those who perished on 9.11.2011. I will never forget...

God bless America!


  1. 9/11 was a very unfortunate event that changed the lives of americans in different ways I hope history books will be written so that the memories of this day forever get stuck in our minds